Black sambalpuri ikat silk saree | Boyanika, Odisha, Handloom,Black sambalpuri ikat silk saree

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Black sambalpuri ikat silk saree
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Exclusive Handwoven sambalpuri silk saree black base with traditional ikat in body,& Border black base with rudraksha dobby, Pallu black base with traditional ikat, & Blouse piece attached in black.

SAMBALPURI is a term used for the IKATs made by the Handloom weavers of undivided Sambalpur district in western Odisha. Ikat is an Indonesian word derived from the word Mengikat, meaning to lie. Ikat is a tie-dye process on either the warp or weft yarn or both according to the design’s need and then weaving the yarns to achieve the design. When only warp or weft yarn is tie and dyed, it is called “Single Ikat”, where as when both the warp and weft are tie-dyed, it is called a “Double Ikat”.
Sambalpuri Ikat, popularly known as “Bandha’ is one of the oldest crafts- the traditional wear of modern India. They are often symbols of status, wealth, power and prestige. Sambalpuri Ikat stands apart from the other Ikat due to its curvilinear and feathery appearance along with the unique design range that they posses which are derived from nature and religious themes having a wide range of flower, trellis patterns, animals, gods, and goddesses and images from day to day life as their motifs.
Its motifs include floral garlands, fish, l;ion, peacock, lotus, conch and deed, as well as patterns from Odisha temples. A wide gamut of colours with different shades ranging from orange-red, dull pinks, red and black to muted yellow, browns etc. are available now. Sambalpuri has elaborate borders with rows of tiny flowers. The fine nature of these difficult to weave motifs is possible due to the fine tying and dyeing skills and there after weaving skills of the weavers who do not allow and distortions in these motifs during the course of weaving.
Thank you for buying Sambalpuri Ikat and contributing towards preservation of Odisha’s rich traditional and culture heritage.

Material:-Mulbery Silk

6.20mtr* 118cm

Dry clean only

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