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About us

Boyanika is synonymous with the rich weaving heritage of Odisha, the exotic state in Eastern India. Boyanika is working for the weavers in the state for more than Five decades and Odisha’s pioneer brand for hand-woven fabrics. Today it is a stamp of authenticity and high quality to the consumers in India. Boyanika also offer authentically designed famous Hand-woven to the discerning international buyers.

Odisha produces some of the finest Handwovens like a) Ikat, the delicately feathered yarn tie & Dye woven in wide array of colors and textures suitable for both apparels as well as home furnishings; b) Natural dyed Kotpad fabrics, native to the tribal of Kotpad famous for its rustic charm; c) Hand spun wild silk, Tassar Silk in a wide range of counts and textures suitable for upholstery, curtains and home accessories: and d) Hand-woven brocades, Bomkai in Silk and Cotton, woven by ancient Jala technique, famous for intricate patterns are all focused by Boyanika and reach the connoisseurs of Handloom through its State-of the-Art forty show rooms inside and outside the State. As a result of which Boyanika is authorized to use “Handloom Mark” and “Silk Mark” as the Flagship Organization for promotion of Orissa Handwovens and the first Govt. owned organisation to receive the ISO 9001 - 2008 Certificate. One can also reach through its website shop.boyanika.com.

Odisha Tie & Dye (commonly known as Ikat) and Kotpad vegetable dyed fabrics are now registered as Geographical Indications for Boyanika’s initiative as Nodal Agency in the State. A pioneer in the marketing of Handloom products of the State, not only procure and market fabrics, but also involved in supply of raw materials to the
weavers through “Yarn Bank”, promoting brand building, safeguarding the interest of Orissa handloom through GI registration, organizing Handloom fairs ranging
from District-Level Exhibitions to national Expos and International Trade fairs to explore niche market. Boyanika will go on with the expanded view for exploring every new horizon of marketing during coming years.


Ø Downsizing the staff strength from 606 to 197.

Ø Closure of 21 nonviable Sales Branches.

Ø Opening of 5 new Sale Branches.

Ø Payment of 6 (six) OTS Installments from 2007-08 to 2012-13 in time.

Ø Renovation of 25 major Sale Branches of Boyanika under POHI.

Ø Opening of Raw Material Bank.

Ø Implementing a mega Handloom Cluster at Bargarh under IHCDS Programme of GoI. (Sanctioned for Rs.2.00 Crore)

Ø Implementation of Bar Coding for proper Inventory Control.

Ø Computerization of 20 nos. of major Sale Branches.

Ø Participation in International Trade Fairs & Direct Export to U.K. & Italy to the tune of Rs.6.54 Lakh and Rs.3.00 Lakh.

Ø Organization of NH Expo and SPL. Expo and exclusive Exhibitions in & outside the State.

Ø Kotpad Vegetable Dyed Fabrics, Orissa Ikat, Dhalapathar Parada, Sambalpuri Bandha, Bomkai Saree & Fabrics, Habaspuri Saree & Fabrics, Berhampur Silk Dhoti & Joda are registered as “Geographical Indication” under IPR.

Ø Cleared the old dues of PWCS to the tune of Rs.2.50 Crore.

Ø Repaid Govt. Loan & interest of Rs.2.00 Crore.

Ø Disposal of damaged & slow moving stock to the tune of Rs.324.96 lakh.

Ø Audit of the Organization has been taken up to 2011-12.

Ø Sale Turnover from Rs.1244.07 lakh in the year 2006-07 has been increased to Rs.5262.00 lakh during 2011-12.

Ø Aggressive publicity campaign has been made for Brand building and market promotion of Odisha Handwovens through Hoardings, Print & Electronic Media.

Total Sale for Last 6 Years
Rs. in lakh
Year Total
2006-07 1244.07
2007-08 1776.79
2008-09 2253.59
2009-10 2620.04
2010-11 3687.17
2011-12 5262.00
2012-13 7059.86
2013-14 7680.05
2014-15 7731.05